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Start-up & scale-up


IBB Coaching BONUS


Whether you are founding, growing or scaling up your business, in every phase of your business, there are situations in which expertise is needed. IBB Coaching Bonus supports Berlin based business with experts on various of fields.

  • Optimization of your business plan

  • Set up your financing strategy

  • Improvement your organizational structure

  • Development your growth strategy

  • Scaling Internationally

Who is eligible for support, what is supported and the kind of support available. Check out the IBB Coaching Bonus

Dutch Basecamp

Dutch Basecamp logo.jpg

DutchBasecamp is a nonprofit enterprise, founded in 2013. DutchBasecamp believes start-ups bring the necessary change the world needs. Their mission is to help startups become internationally successful, so they maximise their positive impact. 


DutchBasecamp supports start-ups and ambitious founders scale internationally. They do this in various ways: bootcamps and connecting founders with other founders. They also connect start-ups and scale-ups with experienced founders who know what it takes to scale internationally.



As experienced entrepreneurs, we offer you, Exist Founders, Business Coaching and Consulting in Berlin and Brandenburg. We provide Exist coaching in both English and German. The coaching is personal, suited to your needs and experience.


Our Exist coaching and consulting sessions always have immediate impact. We are not going to tell you what you want to hear. We give honest feedback, we provide new insights in a constructive manner. We open up our network for you. And last, but not least, we invest ourselves in exceptional teams and ideas.

To sum it up we support:

On funding

Business models and plans

Market entry and winning

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