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First, Orange. Orange stands for Energy combined with Optimism and Adventure. That is what Entrepreneurship is about. Besides, Joris van Winsen, Started Orange Octopus in Amsterdam, before he moved to Berlin. Orange is the Dutch National Colour.


Second, Octopus. The Octopus is one of the Smartest Animals out there. Physically the Octopus is very Distinct to other Animals. An Octopus has eight arms, three hearts and nine brains!

We clearly see similarities between (starting) Businesses and Octopuses, hence the name.


First, Octopuses are extremely flexible but at the same time they are strong. Any starting Company has to strong but at the same time flexible.

Second, octopuses have 9 brains! A central brain controls the nervous system. In addition, there is a small brain in each of their eight arms. The nine brains and eight arms stand for Multidisciplinary. Any Business, especially young companies, need to be resourceful and possess knowledge about various of topics. Knowledge about the Product or Service is indispensable. Besides knowledge on Finance, Marketing, Sales and Legal topics is Essential.


Most businesss, with very talented teams, do not possess all Knowledge and Skills to start and run Business successfully from start. Therefore, we from Orange Octopus, come in. We have Immediate Impact through hands on Business Coaching or provide Hands-on support. We review your Business Strategy, check and alter Financial Plans. We enhance Marketing and Sales plans or we support with International Growth.


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Scale-up model from idea to scale-up

Orange octopus growth model

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