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We see often that - Strategy - has different meanings. We support you with Target Setting and how to reach these Targets in an efficient. This could include Business Model Review and Optimization and the development of your Company Roadmap.


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Cash, Funding and Finance is not a short-term goal for a growing business but it is a mean. All companies need cash especially those that want to grow fast. Growth sucks Cash. We support you with solid and convincing Finance Plans, VC Pitching Decks, Pitching itself, Funding Strategy including Grants and Subsidies.


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Targetting, Qualifying, Capturing and eventually Converting Leads is key to almost any Company. Equally important is understanding the Customer Journey in order to optimize the Journey. We support in Setting up and Optimizing all major Marketing Activities and Processes. In some industries or businesses, especially B2B, Deal Closing is important. We support, with our years of experience, you to prepare for Deal Closing especially with your first major Customer.  Thereafter it becomes, slightly, easier.


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Expanding International is a great but challenging way to strongly grow your Business. There are various of reasons to expand. Sometimes a company needs to stay ahead of competition, sometimes the growth in the current market is slowing down and sometimes a company simply wants to grow. We have developed models to support with questions like where to go (first), how to expand and what are the most common pitfalls made (and help to prevent these).


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Every stage in the Company has different Challenges and requires different Solutions. As your Company grows (fast), the founders and the management team need to develop accordingly. New roles and responsibilities will arise. Internal communication and coordination become increasingly more important. Probably topics you recognise if you have gone through the first steps of growth or you have onboarded a new co-founder or partner.