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Orange Octopus works together with some great accelerator programs. To mention the prestigious Bosch Startup Harbour and the Agileful Accelerator. Two very distinct Berlin-run Startup Programs. Both focus on early-stage tech startups, and adding a huge amount of value for the founders.


Berlin Incubator for early stage tech startups. Get your team funded for 6 months

Bosch Startup Harbour

The Bosch Startup Harbour is, as the name reveals, is part of the famous Bosch company. It is a typical incubator. The founders have a (solid) idea of their business or innovation, but that is it. What make the Startup Harbour really special is the opportunity startups get to directly collaborate with the Bosch Business units!  A benefit other startups can only dream of!

The incubator aims to support talented founders and their teams with an initial business concept on their journey of becoming a successful venture. The program offers a coaching, workshops, mentoring, and training curriculum to help startups create a solid business model alongside their (minimum viable) product. The program’s content is tailored to meet the individual needs of each startup participating in the program, thus supporting them based on the maturity index of their business. The Bosch team helps teams to get connected within the Bosch department and find potential partners or customers. Bosch has indicated 16 focus areas:

#1 Rich data on the edge for sensor-based solutions
#2 Farming of the future
#3 Mobility goes data
#4 Innovate fleet operations
#5 New detection technologies for mobility services
#6 Energy – focus on mobility 
#7 Detect anomalies within energy data
#8 Disrupt construction and create future solutions for professional craftsmen
#9 Shape the era of creators – solutions for DIYers, gardeners and makers
#10 Business models in digital living
#11 Open world needs optimized testing
#12 Future security testing needs artificial intelligence
#13 Empower people in Industry 4.0
#14 Bring human-robot interaction to the next level!
#15 Build the future of automation in the factory of the future!
#16 IoT solutions with social impact 

The program lasts 6 months.

Next Batch: start October 1 2020, application should be in by August 9th 2020.

If you like to know more, and get insight details, contact us.


You can find more information on the program and apply directly

Build your MVP for your startup. No need for CTO

Agileful Accelerator

Agileful Accelerator offers a quite unique program, by supporting the founders with their Minimal Viable Product (MPV). What make the Agileful Accelerator really special is the opportunity startups get to immediate work together with a great team of developers! 

Other than the Bosch Startup Harbour incubator, the founders have a clearer picture of their business. Agileful Accelerator will build the MVP while the founder continue to improve their idea and get investor ready. Of course the MVP is challenged from a business point of view. The product roadmap can change due to challenges from the Agileful Accelerator team.

The program lasts 3 months.

Next round: every month there are startup starting


I you like to know more, and get insight details, contact us.

You can find more information on the program and apply directly


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